Welcome to 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company K "Pillow Flying Artillery". 

We are a reenactment group who honor our ancestors by participating in reenactments around our surrounding area. Last year we had the honor of portraying Archer's Brigade and participating in the historical 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, PA. This fall we will be participating in another historical 150th Anniversary Battle of Atlanta, GA. 

Below is a little history about our unit. 

1860's History about 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company K, "The Pillow Flying Artillery":

August 6, 1861

The unit was organized in Memphis, Tennessee by Captain William L. Neyland as company K "The Pillow Flying Artillery". It was formerly Captain William Miller's Company.

December 30, 1861

This unit reported to General Albert Sidney Johnston at Bowling Green, Kentucky from Columbus, Kentucky with an aggregate of 70 men.

January 31, 1862

This unit was attached to Colonel J. S. Bowen's Brigade of Floyd's Division, Hardee's Corps.

February 23, 1862

The unit was at Murfreesboro, Tennessee in Brigadier General T. C. Hindman's Brigade. As part of that Brigade it took part in the Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862.

May 10, 1862

This unit was reorganized as Company K, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery and was attached to the Army of Mississippi. Officers for the unit were Captain William L. Neyland, Lieutenant George W. Miller (May 10 - June 19, 1862 then transferred to 2nd Company D), Lieutenant Daniel Bogart (May 10 - June 19, 1862 then transferred to A. C. S.) and 2nd Lieutenant Henry Feister (May 10 - December 31, 1862 then transferred to 2nd Company B).

There was another and different Company "K" was later attached to the regiment at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The following information is from, "Shiloh, Shells and Artillery", "Previous Service: From Memphis the Pillow Flying Artillery was sent to Belmont, Missouri and then to Columbus, Kentucky. On December 30, 1861, the Battery was transferred, with an aggregate of 70 men, from Columbus to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where it was attached to Bowen's Brigade, Floyd's Division, Hardee's Corps. The Battery accompanied Johnston's Army in its retreat to Corinth, Mississippi, by way of Murfreesboro, Tennessee."

"Remarks: Although there are no records or official reports of the Pillow Flying Artillery, Colonel R. G. Shaver lists the Battery as a part of his Brigade, but it is not mentioned further. It can be assumed that the Battery joined Shaver's Brigade in its attack upon Peabody's Camp, and probably fought with the Brigade Sunday, April 6, 1862."

Captain Marty Warren Jr.
1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery
Company K


What is Company K?

1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company K, is a War Between the States reenacting organization. We are a military organization portraying a Confederate Artillery Battery. We are non-political, and family-friendly.

When the need arises, we will galvanize, however our preference is to do a Confederate impression.

We are War Between the States enthusiasts who desire to expand our knowledge of this turbulent period of our history and to honor those soldiers who served in the War Between the States by portraying an Artillery Battery of men, who assemble together at reenactments to honor our heritage and ancestors. Our experiences both on and off the field of battle enable us to share our knowledge and experiences with the public. In this regard, we are "living historians."

Company K is a proud member of the Army of Tennessee (AoT) Since 1998

If you are interested in joining our Battery, please email us at Captain Marty Warren Jr.









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